Friday, 25 November 2011

Happy Independence Barbados Aboard the MV Harbour Master

This year Barbados will celebrate 45 years of independence from British colonialism! What an amazing milestone, and it's a wonderful time to be on the island. What you don't see that I do is all the nationalism that people have. You see women wearing corsages that have blue, black, and yellow (the flag colours) and everyone wearing little Bajan flag pins. It's so sweet.

Speaking of Bajan pride, last night I went on a well-known Bajan institution: the MV Harbour Master. This is a huge boat (kind of looks like the ferry you take to the Toronto Islands) and aboard are non-stop drinks, food, a live band, and a show. We went on the starlight cruise (7-11pm) with a co-worker, her son, and partner and sat front row. Of course it meant getting pulled onto the stage for a wining and limbo contest! SO fun, and you know your girl took home a prize. I don't mess around with my wining capabilities! The food and service was great, and it was a top notch experience. Unfortunately the boat is leaving Barbados for Trinidad and Tobago in the new year because of these "tough economic times". It's still here for a little while longer so go while you can!

The Talent
The Food
Watch the limbo.
Ohhhhhh goshhhhhh!


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