Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bath, St John

Yesterday I took my 3rd trip to Bath, St. John which is on the east-coast of Barbados. This place is so special, and I really wanted to dedicate a post to it (with pics!). 

As you walk in, on the right is pure eastcoast beach- kind of rough, but not enough to push you out of the water. Lots of waves from the Atlantic Ocean, and few people (especially on a Monday afternoon). On the left is a hidden freshwater spring with a waterfall that lands into a pool. It's the juxtaposition of salty and fresh, hidden and apparent that gets me every time. Ideally I'd take a swim in ocean and head over to the spring and wash my body and hair off. Yesterday the serenity of the place had me leave my cousin to the beach and I literally chilled at the spring for a few hours. HEAVEN! 

 Here's a few pics of Bath:

Road leading to Bath
 Bath spring from a distance:

 These kind gentlemen escorted us to the main road the last time I was at Bath with a friend from Trinidad (shout out to X)

Pictures of the Bath waterfall

Bath Beach

Sometimes it takes a waterfall to remind us to slow down, enjoy life, and love every single second.

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